Shandong Cocrea Tire Co., Ltd. Successfully Held the 2021 New Year's Party
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Shandong Cocrea Tire Co., Ltd. Successfully Held the 2021 New Year's Party


At 18:30 on December 30, 2020, the New Year's party of Shandong Cocrea Tire Co., Ltd. was kicked off in the multi-functional conference room of the company. The party of the company's leading group members, red collar secretary Wang, some customers, some employees of the company and some employees' families was held in the multi-function hall on the second floor of Cocrea, with nearly 360 people watching the performance.
This evening party has arranged 20 wonderful programs, including dance, songs, sketches, sign language dance, cucurbit flute, etc. The programs are brilliant and climax again and again, bringing a new visual feast to everyone present. Let the staff enjoy delicious snacks, fruits and wonderful programs, and at the same time, they were moved to receive the goods, a deep concern and deep love from the company and the large family of Cocrea.
At the beginning of the party, the chairman of the company delivered a New Year's speech, expressing New Year's greetings and holiday greetings to all the employees of the company, expressing thanks to all the employees who fought on the front line, comprehensively summarizing the achievements made in the past year, and deeply analyzing the current situation. The chairman's forceful speech greatly encouraged and encouraged all the employees present, and everyone said that they must muster up their energy and strive for progress Do not fear the future, seize the day.
The whole party lasted about 2 hours, with beautiful songs, beautiful dances, funny and profound allegorical sketches... everyone was intoxicated with it. At the wonderful moment, the audience frequently raised their mobile phones to record this wonderful moment. Two rounds of raffle were held at the program site. Wang Xiangbo, general manager of Shandong Cocrea Tire Co., Ltd., and Song Shicheng, general manager of Shandong Changtai Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., respectively, drew five lucky viewers and awarded prizes, bringing the atmosphere of the party to a climax again.

     This evening party not only enriched the cultural life of employees and provided a stage for employees to show themselves, but also enhanced the internal cohesion of the company and enhanced employees' awareness and sense of belonging to the company. It is believed that Shandong Cocrea Tire Co., Ltd. will be more brilliant in 2021!



"Chinese Dream Create the Future", Cocrea people is willing to work with global customers, suppliers, distributors and all sectors of society to realize our beautiful dream and build our beautiful future.


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