Monthly employee birthday party of Shandong Cocrea Tire Co., Ltd
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Monthly employee birthday party of Shandong Cocrea Tire Co., Ltd




In order to promote the company's culture, let employees feel the warmth of the  Cocrea family, give recognition and thanks to employees for their hard work for a long time, and express the company's care for employees, the company held a birthday party for employees on May 27, 2018. The birthday stars of that month gathered together, and everyone was happy and happy.


Birthday Celebrities and Families at the Birthday Party


At the birthday party, everyone was singing birthday songs, blowing candles and cutting cakes. The chief executive officer Gao Bing drew 10 second prizes for everyone on the spot, and the chief executive officer, General Manager Yan, drew 3 first prizes on the spot. At the same time, the company also prepared beautiful gifts for the birthday stars and their relatives and friends who came to bless them. Although it was a small act, it poured the company's kind care for its employees. It can be said that such sincere care spread to every corner of the company, and actively mobilized everyone's dedication and enthusiastic work attitude and style, so that everyone can work hard as a hero and work together with the company to grow.

Give small gifts to the children of birthday stars



Group photo of Minister Gao and the second prize winner



President Yan of the company presented awards to the first prize winners


   Singing and laughing, all the blessings and greetings have been poured into the heart of the Chinese birthday stars. May they know each other, let the sincere friendship flow forever like mountains and rivers, and let the sweet smiling faces bloom forever at this moment.





"Chinese Dream Create the Future", Cocrea people is willing to work with global customers, suppliers, distributors and all sectors of society to realize our beautiful dream and build our beautiful future.


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