Environmental Commitment of Shandong Cocrea Tire Co., Ltd
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Environmental Commitment of Shandong Cocrea Tire Co., Ltd


Our company promises to strictly abide by the environmental protection laws and regulations, standardize the environmental management of enterprises, ensure that the pollution discharge reaches the standard steadily, and become an environmental protection and law-abiding enterprise. In case of excessive pollution discharge, voluntarily accept the high limit punishment
And stop production for treatment.
1、 Strictly abide by all environmental protection laws, regulations and rules.
2、 The environmental pollution prevention and control management of enterprises shall be effectively strengthened to ensure the normal operation of online monitoring facilities, stable transmission and up to standard discharge.
3、 Establish complete archives and implement standardized management of environmental protection.
4、 Strengthen the enterprise's awareness of environmental protection and do a good job in environmental pollution prevention of the enterprise.
5、 The construction project strictly implements the system of environmental assessment and "three simultaneous".
6、 Actively accept the supervision of the environmental protection department, do not conceal or cheat, and truthfully report the pollution discharge.
7、 Improve the emergency plan for environmental pollution accidents, strengthen daily emergency preparedness, improve emergency facilities, implement environmental safety measures, and prevent environmental pollution accidents.
8、 Actively promote cleaner production, create environment-friendly enterprises, and continue to carry out energy conservation, consumption reduction, pollution reduction and efficiency enhancement.
If we violate the above commitments, our company will voluntarily assume the corresponding legal liabilities.
Hereby promise
Commitment unit: Shandong Cocrea Tire Co., Ltd
August 2017
Pollutant emission publicity
1. Exhaust emission publicity
Name: waste gas discharged from rubber mixing, calendering and curing workshops
Discharge outlet No.: Y001-Y043
Executive standards: the standards in Table 2 of Shandong Province Integrated Emission Standard of Atmospheric Particulate Matter from Stationary Sources, the requirements of Level II standard in the Emission Standard of Odor Pollutants (GB14,554-93), and the requirements of the Emission Standard of Pollutants for Rubber Products Industry (GB27,632-2011).
Discharge direction: atmosphere
Supervision telephone: 12369
2. Wastewater discharge publicity
Name: Cocrea Sewage Treatment Station
Executive standard: meet the requirements of Class 1B standard in Table 1 of Discharge Standard of Pollutants for Rubber Products Industry (GB27632-2011) and Water Quality Standard for Sewage Discharged into Urban Sewers (CJ343-2010).
Discharge destination: Yinan No.2 Sewage Treatment Plant
Supervision telephone: 12,369
3. Noise emission publicity
Name: Day and night noise at the boundary of Cocrea Factory
Executive standard: in accordance with the requirements of Class II standard in Emission Standard for Industrial Enterprises Noise at Boundary (GB12348-2008).
Supervision telephone: 12369
4. Publicity of solid waste discharge
Name: carbon black packaging bag, auxiliary material packaging bag, waste steel wire, defective tire, waste rubber, domestic waste, hazardous waste, etc
Treatment method: carbon black packaging bag, auxiliary material packaging bag, waste steel wire, defective tire, waste rubber material shall be recycled or collected and sold by the manufacturer, domestic waste shall be collected and treated by the local sanitation department, and hazardous waste shall be entrusted to a qualified unit for treatment.
Supervision telephone: 12369
Shandong Cocrea Tire Co., Ltd. Complaint hotline: 0539-3710788



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