Job Title: International Trader
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Job Title: International Trader


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Work location:
Shandong Province - Linyi City - Yinan County
International Trader
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Years of service:
2022/06/14 11:31
Job description:
Job responsibilities/benefits/environment:
1. English must be above CET 6, with strong ability of instant translation;
2. Be familiar with the product, have a good command of the product, and be able to independently analyze its composition and give an accurate quotation;
3. Be able to independently develop customers, understand the foreign trade process, and give timely replies to customers on product specifications and quality;
4. Have the ability to adapt to circumstances, handle customers' questions and make efforts to place orders;
2. Responsible for foreign trade orders, sales, and communication with foreign customers;
3. Work must strictly comply with company regulations.
Job requirements:
Major in international trade, strong sense of responsibility, familiar with foreign trade business, more than 2 years of work experience, strong communication and coordination ability, fluent English, professional knowledge of foreign trade tires is preferred
1. Salary: 1-3 months of probation period, monthly salary during the probation period, 1700 yuan/month for junior college education and below, 1800 yuan/month for undergraduate education. After the probation period, the salary will be adjusted according to the position, and the monthly salary will be 2000-5000 yuan. Sign an online contract and sign a formal labor contract;
2. Working hours: eight hour working system; According to the position setting, implement rotation leave, 4 days per month;
3. Staff living: dormitory is provided free of charge, with central air conditioning, independent toilet and balcony, and restaurants, shops, bathrooms and other facilities in the company;
4. The company uniformly handles five insurances, including endowment insurance, work-related injury insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance and maternity insurance.

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