The 2021 annual working conference of Cocrea Tire was successfully held
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The 2021 annual working conference of Cocrea Tire was successfully held


     On the morning of March 2, 2021, Cocrea Tire Company held the 2021 annual work summary meeting in the conference hall on the third floor. The meeting summarized the work in 2020 and emphasized the deployment of key work and tasks in 2021. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company participated in the meeting and delivered an important speech. The meeting was presided over by Ren Xiang, Vice President of Sales.

     At the meeting, Wang Xiangbo, the general manager of the company, and Sun Xiudong, the executive deputy general manager of the company delivered important speeches. The deputy general managers of each department reported around their responsibilities and the work objectives determined at the beginning of the year, summarized the work of last year concisely, analyzed each work in depth, and put forward new work ideas for 2021.


     The Chairman fully affirmed the achievements of each department in the first half of the year, and pointed out the problems and shortcomings in the work. He asked all departments to earnestly perform their duties and responsibilities, timely adjust their work ideas based on problems and work objectives, pay attention to safety, implement measures, and make every effort to promote the smooth completion of annual goals and tasks. He stressed that in the second half of the year, we should focus on several aspects of work. First, we should do our best to ensure production safety. The second is to strictly control environmental protection, with full cooperation from all departments of the company. The third is to continuously promote the corporate culture, which is the soul of the company. The fourth is to complete the company's tasks and objectives this year and make the company profitable.
Later, the host read out the decision on commending the advanced party members and outstanding employees of the company in 2020. In the endless applause, the leaders of the rostrum commended 30 comrades and awarded 1000 yuan per person. The commendation meeting ended successfully with warm applause from everyone!

 Eight years of historical vicissitudes and eight years of pioneering efforts will not stop our pace. Looking forward to the future, we will march forward bravely with firm faith, unite as one, base ourselves on our duties, remember our mission, and work together to achieve victory. The company will continue to pursue excellence and innovation with vigorous steps, carry forward the past and create a new chapter!




"Chinese Dream Create the Future", Cocrea people is willing to work with global customers, suppliers, distributors and all sectors of society to realize our beautiful dream and build our beautiful future.


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